bill in lhc

After the first week’s video blog, Bill Fontana started exploring the CERN laboratory in many different ways. Armed with his accelerometers, which are used by structural engineers traditionally to measure the movement of structures and his recording equipment, he revealed the inner sound worlds of dipoles, the CERN grid in the computer centre and even electric pylons. As Bill said in his opening lecture of his residency at CERN, there is music in all things.


The month of July was Bill Fontana’s first part of his residency at CERN. And he was not alone! He came also with his family, which included his photographer son, Michael Fontana, 18. Every week, Michael interviewed his father and his inspiration partner, CERN cosmologist Subodh Patil about what they were thinking of the week ahead to make a video diary.


Bill Fontana, der Gewinner des Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Residency Awards, wurde für vier Tage nach Genf zu CERN eingeladen, um dort seine Einführung in die Aktivitäten und Forschungsgebiete von CERN zu bekommen. Als Koordinatorin des Programmes seitens der Ars Electronica war es mir eine Ehre, diese Zeit mit dem Künstler und Ariane Koek, der Kulturbeauftragten von CERN, an diesem aufregenden und inspirierenden Ort zu verbringen.