Your visit during weekends at the Ars Electronica Center is very varied. Choose from a range of entertaining tours, presentations and Deep Space demonstrations – whether your visit is in the morning or in the afternoon, whether you come alone, together with your friends or your family.

Note: If you have questions please contact our desk personnel.

Current Weekend Program

At a ceremony in Garching bei München, Germany on 25 May 2016, ESO signed the contract with the ACe Consortium, consisting of Astaldi, Cimolai and the nominated sub-contractor EIE Group for the dome and telescope structure of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). This is the largest contract ever awarded by ESO and the largest ever contract in ground-based astronomy. At this occasion the construction design of the E-ELT was unveiled. This artist’s rendering of the E-ELT is based on the detailed construction design for the telescope.

(Deutsch) Deep-Space-Wochenende: Gigantische Maschinen der Wissenschaft

(Deutsch) SA 4.3./SO 5.3.2017
Am SA 4.3. und SO 5.3.2017 widmen wir uns im Ars Electronica Center den gigantischen Maschinen der Wissenschaft.

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