Earth Hour London
Spaxels shape Star Trek – Logo in London’s skyline

The Ars Electronica Futurelab has sent the emblem of the Star Fleet Academy into the nightsky of London after being contacted by Paramount Pictures to create a unique way to promote the upcoming Star Trek – Movie, “Into Darkness”. The technology behind the stunt were the Spaxels which have created quite a buzz during the [...]

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Exhibition opening “Robots. Machine and Human?” at Museum of Technology Vienna

Yesterday, Dr. Claudia Schmied, Federal Minister for Education, the Arts and Culture, opened the exhibition “Robot. Machine and Human?” at the Museum of Technology Vienna. For this exhibition, the Ars Electronica Futurelab developed a new RoboLab which provides a hand-on experience of programming and navigating robots in a playful way. (More info)

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recent projects

3D Viewer

IKT Linz’s 3-D viewer lets visitors reconnoiter a highly detailed representation of their city. It’s easy when you use a Playstation console to navigate through the images. What’s special about this viewer is the overall depiction of Linz. For some neighborhoods, IKT has even specially created 3-D models. The images of the other parts of [...]

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Lights! Camera! Action! The PIKA360 is making the scene! PIKA360 is a brand-new 360° panoramic photo system that captures all the fun and the happy faces of the people enjoying it. And it’s as user-friendly as can be—the press of a button is all it takes to shoot impressive 360° panoramic photos. PIKA360 is ideal [...]

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