Winners 2014

A total of 2,703 entries from 77 countries were submitted for prize consideration to the 2014 Prix Ars Electronica.

Visionary Pioneers of Media Art

Golden Nica

Roy Ascott (UK)

“Roy Ascott is a pioneer of telematic art and a visionary thinker.”

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Computer Animation / Film / VFX

Golden Nica

Walking City / Universal Everything (UK)

“Universal Everything’s “Walking City” blurs the boundaries between design, animation, sculpture, fashion and architecture.”

Award of Distinction

Box / Bot & Dolly (US)
“Like a continuation of the classical magic show, Bot & Dolly open up new artistic realms by transforming the real world.”

Shadowland / Kazuhiro Goshima (JP)
“Focusing on naturally occurring, ephemeral moving images cast by passing traffic, the artist Kazuhiro Goshima literally adds a new dimension, exchanging our place within the layers and narratives of our urban cityscape from pedestrian to active involvement.”

Honorary Mentions

5 Mètres 80 / Nicolas Deveaux (FR)

Birds /Zeitguised (DE)

Cellular Forms / Andy Lomas (UK)


Futon/ Yoriko Mizushiri (JP)

Land / Masanobu Hiraoka (JP)

Late for Meeting / David Lewandowski (PR/US)

Light Motif / Frédéric Bonpapa (FR)

Recycled / Lei Lei (CN), Thomas Sauvin (FR)

The Chimera of M. / Sebastian Buerkner (DE)

The Rise and Fall of Globosome / Sascha Geddert (DE)

Thing / Anouk De Clercq (BE)

Interactive Art

Golden Nica

Loophole for All / Paolo Cirio (IT/US)

“Loophole4All” is a clever artistic intervention in our global tax system that empowers ordinary people to avoid taxation the same way as these companies do.”

Award of Distinction

Balance From Within / Jacob Tonski (US)
“Balance from Within is much more than a mere poetic sculpture; it is an urgent and critical reminder.”

Disarming Corruptor / Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (UK)
“Disarming Corruptor is a critical project on the realm of digital manufacturing, which opens up an interesting debate about file distribution censorship, Internet control and encryption.“

Honorary Mentions

Avena+ Test Bed
Agricultural Printing and Altered Landscapes
/ Benedikt Groß (DE)

Captives / Quayola (IT/UK)

Clouds / James George (US), Jonathan Minard (US)

Das Vergerät / Boris Petrovsky (DE)

Epiphyte Chamber / Philip Beesley (CA)

Peace Can Be Realized Even Without Order / teamLab (JP, CN, ROC)

Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989 / Kaoru Sugano (JP), Sotaro Yasumochi (JP), Yu Orai (JP), Nadya Kirillova (RU/JP), Kyoko Yonezawa (JP), Kosai Sekine (JP), Taeji Sawai (JP), Daito Manabe (JP)

Sports Time Machine / Ryoko Ando (JP), Hiroshi Inukai (JP)

Swarm / James Coupe (UK)

The Machine to Be Another / BeAnotherLab (Transnational)

There is the sun / Ief Spincemaille (BE)

Transfigurations / Agi Haines (UK)

Digital Communities

Golden Nica

Project Fumbaro Eastern Japan
An autonomic crowdsourcing model to cope with the critical situation

“Project Fumbaro” is the local grassroots-driven volunteer platform in Japan, which arose after the 2011 earthquaketo to meet the *real* needs of people.”

Award of Distinction

“The fact that musicians are being targeted throughout the world, arrested, harassed and repressed, makes it even more relevant to promote a community that empowers them and advocates free speech in the current scenario of increasing surveillance and censorship.”

“Goteo (…) focuses on funding projects that can have a strong local, regional and national impact. It empowers citizens and communities to address the mounting challenges of Spain in the current context of financial crisis and social cuts.”

Honorary Mentions

Arseh Sevom

Desarrollando América Latina

Global Voices Online


Islibrary Project 荒岛图书馆

Land Matrix

Lifepatch – citizen initiative in art, science and technology



Syria Untold

Take Back The Tech!



Golden Nica

Femme Chanel – Emma Fenchel / Sarah Oos (AT)

“Interessant ist, dass selbst nach mehrmaliger Betrachtung jedes Mal eine neue Geschichte im Kopf entstehen kann.”

Award of Distinction

(e)motion-mirror / Richard Sadek (AT)
“Die Installation (e)motion-mirror besticht durch die Unmittelbarkeit, mit der die User mit dem Spiegel in Interaktion treten können.“

Smart Clock / Jonas Bodingbauer (AT)
“Nicht nur das Design und das Datenvisualisierungskonzept sind bestechend, sondern auch die technische Umsetzung, die sowohl hardware- als auch softwaremäßig tiefer gehende Kenntnisse voraussetzt.“

Honorary Mentions

anGEKOMMEN – der lange Weg zur neuen Heimat / Anna Fresner (AT), Florian Götschl (AT), Christoph Iby (AT), Markus Wurzer (AT)

The epic awesome ultimate super mega tasty ultra insane crazy incredible Biscuit Quest / Paolo Perfahl (AT)

Cycle Swing / Ugo Uwakwe (NG/AT)

Erdapfel_2.0 / Florian Rath (AT)

Ergonomische Seitenabstützung für die Gebirgstrage / Dominik Stachl (AT) / 5AHWII

Hands4World / Laurenz Birnbaum

Hungry Fish / Marvin Schürz (AT), Paul Hueber (AT)

Multi Roboter Indoor System / Günther Cwioro (AT), Peter Kohout (AT)

Wasser für Togo / Patrick Hutterer (AT), Bernhard Käfer (AT) / HTLuVA Pinkafeld

Zaumdo / Sebastian Auberger (AT), Jürgen Brandl (AT)

Merchandise Prize U14

Scratch: Jump and Run / 2. Klasse Modellschule Graz (AT)

Merchandise Prize U10

Das Ballonhotel / Lara-Marie Pascher (AT)

[the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant

[the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant

BlindMaps / Markus Schmeiduch (AT), Andrew Spitz (FR), Ruben van der Vleuten (NL)

“Blind Maps by Markus Schmeiduch, Andrew Spitz and Ruben van der Vleuten provides an outstanding solution for blind people to navigate routes in real-time with the support of touch-sensitive technology.”

Honorary Mentions

iPhone Quick-Draw System / Shota Mori (JP)

Mine Kafon / Massoud Hassani (AF/NL)

Symbiotic Machine / Ivan Henriques (BR/NL)


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