Winners 2015

A total of 2,889 entries from 75 countries were submitted for prize consideration to the 2015 Prix Ars Electronica.

Computer Animation / Film / VFX

Golden Nica

Temps Mort / Idle Times / Alex Verhaest (BE)

" This visual experience offers enormous potential to elucidate the internal turmoil of the family of characters. The details of the setting add a haunting and mysterious backstory that intrigues us and prompts us to ask more questions. Like a projection of our own world, the work is an invitation into a place of illusion, a study of complex, alienated characters through intriguing dialogues, neurotic monologues and subtle animated elements." (Excerpt from the jury statement)

Award of Distinction

Bär / Pascal Floerks (DE)
" a touching and complex story about World War Two, loss, disappointment and the small things that make up the sum of a lifetime is told. " (Excerpt from the jury statement)

The Reflection of Power / Mihai Grecu (RO/HU)

Honorary Mentions

Augmented Hand Series / Golan Levin (US), Kyle McDonald (US), Chris Sugrue (US)

Deichkind “Denken Sie Groß” / Till Nowak (DE), Timo Schierhorn (DE), Christian Hartmann(UWE) (DE)

Descent / Johan Rijpma (NL)

Do Not Touch / Moniker (NL)

In The Distance / Florian Grolig (DE)

Marilyn Myller / Mikey Please (UK)

Omote / Real-Time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping / Nobumichi Asai (JP), Hiroto Kuwahara (JP), Paul Lacroix (FR)

Reid Willis – Placed (official video) / Fernando Lazzari, Popscience (UK)

Symphony no. 42 / Réka Bucsi (HU)

109645790437692847650 / David OReilly (IE)

World of Tomorrow / Don Hertzfeldt (US)

YouTube Smash Up / Parag K. Mital (US)

Digital Musics & Sound Art

Golden Nica

Chijikinkutsu / Nelo Akamatsu (JP)

" This work encompasses what we can see and what we cannot see in our consciousness both in ordinary life and the psychological world. There is also a resonance with a variety of philosophies, as with the idea of the heart sutra: “Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form”, Paul Klee’s theory of form production, and William Gilbert’s theory of magnetism. " (Excerpt from the jury statement)

Award of Distinction

Drumming is an Elastic Concept
Staged solo concert for percussion and electronics / Josef Klammer (AT)

" Musicianship, intelligent use of technique and the aesthetic quality of the physical performance of the piece “Drumming is an Elastic Concept” by Josef Klammer were the main criteria for selecting this piece. […] It delivers a state-of-the-art discourse on playing and improvising live with electronics. " (Excerpt from the jury statement)

UNDER WAY / Douglas Henderson (US)
" The jury was impressed by the knowledge of acoustic processes as well as the original and expert use of materials. A small sculpture opens up not only a sound but as well a visual horizon. The work makes evident that ideas about the importance of technological material and ideas about what simplicity means have to be rethought. " (Excerpt from the jury statement)

Honorary Mentions

::vtol:: oil / Dmitry Morozov (RU)

          bell / Soichiro Mihara (JP)

a study of smashes – and maybe some splashes… / Hanna Hartman (SE)

Die letzten 25 Jahre in No. 1 Hits der deutschen Jahrescharts dargestellt durch Karlheinz Stockhausens Studie 2 5x. / Hannes Seidl (DE)

Duty / Michaela Davies (AU)

Electromechanical Modular / Gijs Gieskes (NL)

littleBits x Korg Synth Kit / Paul Rothman, littleBits Electronics Inc. (US)

Otomo Yoshihide: Between Music and Art
/ Yoshihide Otomo (JP), NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] (JP)

Rawr! A Study in Sonic Skulls / Courtney Brown (US), Sharif Razzaque (US)

Soft Revolvers / Myriam Bleau (CA)

Tipping Point / Kathy Hinde (UK)

Zeitraum / Gerhard Eckel, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (AT)

Hybrid Art

Golden Nica

Plantas Autofotosintéticas / Gilberto Esparza (MX)
" The jury acknowledges Esparza’s Plantas Autofotosintécas as an outstanding example of an artistic embodiment of the progressive convergence of hardware, software and wetware, while addressing issues of wastewater management and the need for symbiotic ecological solutions both materially and philosophically. " (Excerpt from the jury statement)

Award of Distinction

ARTSAT1:Invader / ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project (JP)
" The interdisciplinary group ARTSAT managed to design, build, program and launch the first nano art satellite into space, thus turning an exclusive expert technology into a personal and artistic medium. The jury acknowledges the group’s efforts to create an “open” satellite whose data is not only accessible to the builders, but also to other stakeholders and collaborators such as the international amateur radio community. "€ (Excerpt from the jury statement)

Teacup Tools / Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE)
" Coming from a sculptural background, she successfully bridges the factual evidence derived from scientific research environments with fictional, almost surrealistic responses. " (Excerpt from the jury statement)

Honorary Mentions

Drosophila titanus / Andy Gracie (UK)

Hare’s Blood +
A transgenetic performance project / Klaus Spiess (AT), Lucie Strecker (DE)

Light Barrier / Kimchi and Chips, Elliot Woods (UK), Mimi Son (KR)

Mirage / Ralf Baecker (DE)

Myconnect / Saša Spačal (SI), Mirjan Švagelj (SI), Anil Podgornik (SI)

PSX Consultancy / Pei-Ying Lin (TW), Špela Petrič (SI), Dimitrios Stamatis (GR), Jasmina Weiss (SI)

ReBioGeneSys – Origins of Life / Adam W. Brown (US), Robert Root-Bernstein (US)

Satelliten / Quadrature (DE)

Stranger Visions / Heather Dewey-Hagborg (US)

This Tape Will Self-Destruct / Diego Trujillo Pisanty (MX)

Vanitas Machine / Verena Friedrich (DE)

Welt-Klimakonferenz / Rimini Protokoll (Haug / Kaegi / Wetzel) (DE)

Visionary Pioneers of Media Art

Golden Nica

Jeffrey Shaw (AU/HK)

" Jeffrey Shaw is recognized as one of the most important pioneers of interactive art. He has powerfully influenced the creation of virtual environments and new innovative user interfaces. Shaw’s work spans a period of half a century and still continues to do so. " (Excerpt from the expert comment)

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Golden Nica

Inside & Between / Gabriel Radwan

" Gabriel Radwan dichtet und verdichtet, er kreiert Poesie in ihrer reinsten Form sowohl mit verspielter als auch gekonnter Raffinesse für Bild und Ton. Seine emotionale Wucht entwickelt der Film nicht aus einer vordergründigen Erzählung heraus, sondern eben von Innen und Dazwischen. " (Auszug aus dem Statement der Jury)

Award of Distinction

Are you worth it? / Sonja Aberl
" Auf vielschichtige Weise zeigt die 19 jährige Sonja Aberl, welchen Druck, aber auch welche Faszination die allgegenwärtigen Schönheitsideale auslösen. Besonders beeindruckt hat uns die Authentizität und emotionale Stärke dieses Films. " (Auszug aus dem Statement der Jury)

β-Book / Laurenz Birnbaum, Luca Eichler
" Mit dem ß-Book haben zwei Jugendliche ein E-Books für Blinde kreiert! […]Das Projekt ist ein außergewöhnlich gelungenes Beispiel für die Anwendung neuer Technologien im Dienste der Barrierefreiheit und zeugt auch von einem großen sozialen Engagement dieser Jugendlichen. Ÿ" (Auszug aus dem Statement der Jury)

Honorary Mentions

Animatronischer Arm / Gernot Keuschnig, Paul von Ahsen, Nino Wegleitner, Lukas Ziegelbauer

Enerkey – Wer hat den Schlüssel zur Energiewende? / Lukas Fankhauser, Fabio Gschweidl, Nicola Stampfer, Johannes Wallner

fruub / Moritz Böswirth, Kilian Hanappi, Marcel Kulhanek, Georg Tertsch, Marcus Wagner, Sebastian Weber

Geschwüre der Wissenschaft / David Nimmervoll, Michael Traxler

Loopex – Konstruktion eines Filament Extruders / Alexander Brenner, Nicolas Groß, Matthias Thym

Mach was Handfestes / Katja Haller, Hannah Hradec, Bogdan Vieru, Ivan Lastric, Ahmed Parmaksiz

Screenrunner / Klasse 8C, BORG Bad Leonfelden (Theresa Awad, Anna Birngruber, Anja Burgstaller, Christina Engleder, Julia Gründlinger, Lucia Klecatzky, Hanna Pammer, Teresa Reisinger, Madelleine Roob, Michael Traxler)

Unknown Forms of Face / Dominik Koller

Wenn uns der Zwerghamster zu Unrecht beschuldigt / Sebastiano Develli, Elias Gäbler, Lorenz Krischan, Julia Moser, Nikolaus Schoner, Eva-Maria Sprenger, Moritz Stark

Y-Rail Security / Maximilian Krexner, Thomas Lanik, Philipp Schrittwieser, Matthias Wotke

Merchandise Prize U14

Waste or Treasure / Leonhard Trinkl

Merchandise Prize U10

Space Pi Si / Klasse 3b, Zwi Perez Chajes Schule (Jakov Ascherov, Noam Baybatchaev, Dana Cohen, Orel Dorel, Eden Fisher, David Hen, David Izhakow, Ben Katz, Sarah-Lee Kuyenov, Salomom Loss, Elinor Malaev, Lian Mamat, Ilan Minasian, Sean Morris, Benjamin Motaev, Efraim Natanov, Coral Sabag, Daniel Taviv, Livia Tultschinsky, Fabian Wurm, Naomi Yossef, Ashley Zvaniashvili)

[the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant

[the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant

SOYA C(O)U(L)TURE / XXLab (ID) Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum, Asa Rahmana, Ratna Djuwita, Eka Jayani Ayuningtias, Atinna Rizqiana

" the interdisciplinary, collaborative, sustainable and creative aspects of this project meet all the criteria for a successful and a promising social innovation model and the XXLab women will certainly inspire many others." (Excerpt from the jury statement)

Honorary Mentions

Beauty Technology / Katia Vega (PE)

TADCAD / Paula Te (US)


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