Design for Repair

Design instead of mass-produced merchandise; do-it-yourself instead of buying off-the-rack. Artists show how to breathe new life into old stuff. Inventors tread new paths to make our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Das Mobile Ö1 Atelier – The Haiti-House

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This year, the Mobile Ö1 Atelier on Linz’s Main Square (Hauptplatz) presents the Universal World House. It utilizes a new construction material based on the principle bees use to build their hives: strips of paper soaked in resin are compressed into a honeycomb form and then bonded together into panels. The quantity of material required to build a small house corresponds to the amount of cellulose yielded by a single tree. A house can be erected without a crane in one day and is totally weatherproof. The Mobile Ö1 Atelier is also the starting point of Electrical Walks Linz.

A joint venture by Radio Österreich 1 and the Consido AG.

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