Overtures – ZeitRäume

In times of catastrophe, is optimism even an option? Or is this simply a question of the right point of view?

ZeitRäume is a long-term R&D project staffed by an open network of artists, designers, architects, technologists, scientists, business people and government officials. Recent findings and current issues in the study of climate change are serving as the basis for the development of scenarios and lifestyles with great future promise. These are being visualized in artistic and design-oriented works and projects. ZeitRäume is being launched at the Ars Electronica Festival with a symposium entitled “Desire for Future, Change and How to Admit Failure“ (Münchner Kreis, Ludwig Maximilian University and the Technical University Munich).

More information at http://www.overtures.de/zeitraeume

A project from artcircolo in cooperation with pilotraum01
Curators: Serafine Lindemann (DE) and Christian Schoen (DE)

Desire for future, change, and how to admit failure

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