u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival

The Future Festival of the Next Generation

The next festival is taking place again in September on the 8.-12.9.2016. More information about this year’s festival will follow soon. Meanwhile you can read below about last year’s festival and see some impressions on our flickr ablum u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival 2015.


The festival within a festival celebrated its fifth anniversary! From September, 3rd until September, 7th 2015 the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival was a conclave for kids and young people as well as for grown-ups to convene and give some thought to the world of tomorrow. Last year’s playground encompassing open labs, events and exhibits was like every year a jumbo-format biosphere, a living room for the future. Once again, an open space invited lateral thinkers and tinkerers, those thirsty for knowledge and hungry for experience, to take the plunge into an invigorating environment full of alternative models for modern real life.

Ars Electronica’s Future Festival is a playground for ideas, solutions, concepts and experiments. The u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD village is a place to imagine how the world of the near future could be. And the ones doing it are those who’ll soon be assuming responsibility for this world: kids and young people. After all, they’re tomorrow’s scientists, entrepreneurs, law enforcement officers, programmers, inventors, parents and everything else!


u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD is a showcase of projects having to do with sustainability, developing a sense of responsibility for the world of tomorrow, and lots of novel, creative ideas about how to configure the development of our future (digital) habitats. How will human beings coexist in 20 years? What are the long-term consequences of mass exodus from rural areas to cities?

Kids and young people were invited to contribute ideas and models dealing with this development. 2015 featured theme, Music and Sound, focused on how noise affects human coexistence. What will the sounds of the future be like? How much noise can we actually withstand?

You could visit the festival from 10 AM to 7 PM at the PostCity, Bahnhofplatz 12, 4020 Linz (next to the main train station Linz).

u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD is a playground for:

    • Kids and young people,
    • The whole family,
    • People full of energy, people looking forward to the future,
    • All those who are committed to making this world a better place,
    • Youth groups of all ages, and
    • Professionals who work with adolescents.

Thinking, tinkering, playing …

So, you see—at u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD we do a lot more than just thinking things over. The accent is on doing stuff: arts & crafts, developing, drawing, tinkering and programming! It all happens in open workshops, labs, newsrooms and other sites for hands-on creativity. At u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD you won’t be doing time at a desk in a classroom; you’ll be busy having fun, doing great stuff and meeting a lot of cool people. Which means that adults aren’t the (only) ones who have a say at u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD; everyone who takes part makes their mark on this production. A big part is interacting with scientists and artists attending the Ars Electronica Festival, the mother ship of u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD.

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