Presentations and Exhibitions

The Evolution of Prix Ars Electronica – Ars Electronica Archive at CyberArts 14
Evolution of Prix Ars Electronica Portrait Roy Ascott - Golden Nica Visionary Pioneers

Prix Archiv and Pioneer Roy Ascott, OK CyberArts 2013, Photos: Martina Hechenberger

The development of the Prix Ars Electronica with all categories was shown by the archive in the Cyber Arts 14 exhibition. A big overview of all jury members was shown additionally. This year the Cyberarts exhibition was also curated by Christine Schöpf and Genoveva Rückert. The top floor was dedicated to Roy Ascott, the Golden Nica winner of the new category Visionary Pioneers. The Ars Electronica Archive created a video portrait with excerpts from archival material.


History of Prix Ars Electronica – the Prix Archiv at OK CyberArts 13

Prix Archiv, OK CyberArts 2013, Photos: Otto Saxinger

This years CyberArts Exhibition at the OK, curated by Christine Schöpf and Genoveva Rückert, also offered an overview of the Prix Ars Electronica and its history since the founding in 1987. The Ars Electronica Archiv assists with research and footage!

The staircase showed names and pictures of all Prix Winners – starting with the year 1987! Thanks to an online access to the Ars Electronica Archive, the visitors could – after the presentation of the current winner projects beneath – also search through the previous winner projects, when reaching the attic floor. Moreover there was shown a video of the Prix Gala from 1988 together with a “milestone”-Video, which had been compiled from ORF broadcasts and archive materials especially for this exhibition. Due to this the walls besides offered graphics concerning the developement of the categories as well as a list of the jurymembers, arranged according to year and category, together with chosen group pictures.

Prix Archiv - Prix Map

For Ars Electronica Archiv this exhibition was a good opportunity to present the continually descending Prix Archiv to the public once more. Further more the interactive “Prix Map” – a new application to the Prix Archiv – was shown for the first time!

Prix Map


Listening Post: „Your wish is our command“ – the Prix Archiv at Ars Electronica Music Day 2013

Under the motto “feel free to make a wish” the Ars Electronica archive team played Digital Music and Sound Art from the Prix Archiv in the middle hall at Brucknerhaus. The visitors were invited to sit down in a comfortable lounge atmosphere and to choose winner-pieces and/ or winners of former years from a list. The first Music Day Listening Post guided by the archive team took place in 2012.


Explore Ars – The Archive goes Online!

An expanded and upgraded version of the Ars Electronica Archive is going online in conjunction with this year’s Ars Electronica Festival THE BIG PICTURE to make its contents publicly accessible. A multi-touch table provides guests with a look at the festival’s fascinating history. Additional terminals offer a convenient way to browse through all the online holdings.


Mapping the Archive: 23 Years of Prix Ars Electronica
Exhibition during the Ars Electronica Festival 2009

Festival 2009, Brucknerhaus, Mapping the Archive, Fotos: rubra

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of ars electronica, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Media.Art.Research. and the Ars Electronica teamed up for a review of the history of the festival. The history lounge exhibition features not only highlights from 3 decades of media art, but also an impressive 10m by 3m print with visualizations characterizing the “ars world”.

Visualization Showcase


Digitale Archive: Prix Ars Electronica
Exhibition Ars Electronica Center 2006.
Concept: Helmut Höllerl, Dietmar Offenhuber

All prizewinning projects of the computer animation category are presented in the form of a network on a large-format data wall. A media platform designed by the Ars Electronica Futurelab staff makes for convenient viewing of a selection of the best works. Visitors navigate by means of gentle hand motions above the presentation table.