“Poking Florian” made an impact at the 2013 Ars Electronica Festival as part of the TOTAL RECALL – The Evolution of Memory theme exhibition by cleverly bridging the gap between artistry and practical usage in everyday life. Now, Alexander Köhn of Fraunhofer MEVIS explains why this installation is also of significance for the future of medicine.


The 2013 Ars Electronica Festival with its Total Recall theme provided a most appropriate setting for the premiere of MEGA – Museum of Electronic Games & Art’s “Ludic Memento” exhibition that not only takes a diversified approach to stimulating visitors’ recollections and reactivating nostalgic feelings but also demonstrates promising tactics for dealing with digital memory. Festivalgoers could proceed on their own to immerse themselves in four thematic domains or join a guided tour through the exhibits on display.

bill in lhc

After the first week’s video blog, Bill Fontana started exploring the CERN laboratory in many different ways. Armed with his accelerometers, which are used by structural engineers traditionally to measure the movement of structures and his recording equipment, he revealed the inner sound worlds of dipoles, the CERN grid in the computer centre and even electric pylons. As Bill said in his opening lecture of his residency at CERN, there is music in all things.


During monday afternoon’s Festival rallye, we sighted Nora and Ilvy in the Brucknerhaus amidst an exhibition of brains in glass jars. They also listened in to recordings from all over the world emanating from a spherical sound storage medium rotating like a globe. At the Ars Electronica Center, the two girls improvised on the set […]


Christina and Alina joined the Festival rallye today. In the Brucknerhaus, they contributed a picture of our world to Benjamin Pollach’s World Map Archive. Then, the curious duo observed how the Table of Gazes draws faces by following the subject’s eye movements. In the Campus exhibition featuring young Israeli artists, Christina and Alina focused on […]

festivallrally 1-a

Theo and Jonas kicked off the Festival rallye in the Brucknerhaus this afternoon. The two junior technologists did a cartographic rendering for the World Map Archive and helped the toy soldiers guard the computer’s data. At Linz Art University, they saw artwork from Israel. Their favorite was the robot that, in accordance with Jewish custom, […]


(Deutsch) Die Fotoserie vom Aufbau der u19 Festivalstadt: Am Dienstag, 27. 8. um 7:00 kam der erste von 31 Containern am Maindeck des Ars Electronica Centers an. Inzwischen ist eine bunte Stadt daraus entstanden, die ab nächster Woche von den 40 ProjektpartnerInnen von u19 Create Your World bezogen wird. Am Donnerstag, 5. 9. um 10:00 öffnen wir die Tore aller Container und ihr könnt euch 5 Tage lang im Programm von u19 Create Your World verlieren!


For the third year in a row now, Linz’s Mariendom—St. Mary’s Cathedral—will serve as the venue for a very special acoustic performance and installation on festival Saturday. “The Aural-Memory-Machine” by Wolfgang “Fadi” Dorninger will play the extraordinary acoustics of this space, engendering constantly emerging, varying and disintegrating worlds of sound. It will be an excursion through Dorninger’s aural memory. In preparation for this installation, he’s combed through his extensive archive of field recordings to come up with a suitable selection. In this interview, he discusses how he came up with the idea of “The Aural-Memory-Machine” and what festivalgoers can look forward to.