How does one blend innovation and tradition? Technology and handicraft? The zeitgeist with a time-honored history? In three projects commissioned in conjunction with the makeover of Café Sacher Eck, Ars Electronica Solutions had the opportunity to come up with answers. In this interview, Solutions project manager Harald Moser and Reiner Heilmann, director of Hotel Sacher in Vienna, provide insights into their collaboration.


As part of the makeover of Café Sacher Eck in Vienna, Ars Electronica Solutions implemented three innovative projects on the premises of this traditional Viennese landmark. A core element of this collaborative effort is a diorama in which Sacher Moments are played out amidst a papercraft model of the Sacher complex featuring playful animated sequences. In this interview, we learn more from Daniela Leitner and Sandra Reichl, the two designers who executed this concept.


Fronius is the global market leader in robotic welding, and has made a name for itself worldwide in the field of arc & resistance spot welding. This year, Ars Electronica Solutions designed the company’s stand at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 in Düsseldorf, the world’s premier trade show for welding and cutting technology. In this interview, Ars Electronica Solutions Director Michael Mondria talks about what went into this assignment.


For “LabOratorium – An Alchemical WorldLab,” the Ars Electronica Solutions came up with an experimental exhibition concept that dovetails nicely with this year’s festival theme. This setup showcased the artists’ works and also gave the participating institutions an opportunity to show what they’re all about. We will show you some impressions of the exhibition at the POSTCITY.


On tap at the Göss Brewery Museum is everything you’d like to know about Austrians’ favorite drink—beer. And the museum has just undergone a bit of a facelift in collaboration with Ars Electronica Solutions. We recently had a chance to chat with project manager Claus Zweythurm about the thoroughly playful approach he took to this assignment.


“L’Oracle du papillon” (the oracle of the butterfly) exhibition in Fribourg, Switzerland encourages visitors to get proactive and make a small contribution to enabling humankind to deal collectively with upcoming challenges. A key element of this exhibition is GeoPulse, the modern simulation & visualization tool provided by Ars Electronica Solutions.


The internet is pushing retail to it’s limits, offering endless opportunities to spend one’s well-earned money. Well working strategies of old don’t cut it anymore, in order to compete with onlineshops, one has to find clever ways to enhance the shopping-experience. Umdasch Shopfitting and Ars Electronica Solutions have teamed up to offer something new.


For many years, Linz’s Tabakfabrik tobacco processing plant was a city landmark, a symbol of work and prosperity. The gloomy days of privatization and the accompanying decline in significance are over. What began to a certain extent with REPAIR, the 2010 Ars Electronica Festival, is now being continued under the direction of Chris Müller. The Tabakfabrik has become a place for creativity, for openness, for the making of products by human beings for human beings. Which is why this is just the right setting for Ars Electronica Solutions’ studios. We recently had a chat with Chris Müller, who’s responsible for the temporary use of the Tabakfabrik.


Beijing is the fastest-growing megacity in the world, almost 20 million people walk the streets of this giant, which is growing constantly. The challenges a city of this size has to face, the amount of data that has to be processed and interpreted, can be overwhelming. GeoCity Smart City is exactly the right tool to help and there’s probably no better place than Beijing to show what this installation has to offer.