March 13th is the deadline for submitting works of media art for 2017 Prix Ars Electronica prize consideration. In this interview, sound artist Emre Erkal, one of this year’s jurors in the Digital Musics & Sound Art category, talks about sounds, architecture and artificial intelligence.

Calligraphy robot draws portrait

Humans have created robots to serve us as work-saving devices, but their capabilities now go far beyond that. The new “Creative Robots” exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center shows just how far. A chat with Johannes Braumann of Linz Art University and Wolfgang Schinnerl of KUKA Roboter CEE.

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Discussions about CO2 emissions and calculations about their potential environmental impact have become an everyday feature of our lives. But how to relate this abstract considerations to our daily experiences, at best in association with the local architecture? The Berlin based artist group realities:united comes up with a solution that is as simple as amazing….

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PUCK is a project by Jen Stein and means “Place-based, Ubiquitous, Connected and Kinetic Experiences for Interactive Architecture” and by merging digital technologies, information and architecture she creates a new way of interacting and experiencing buildings and places.

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by Salvatore Iaconesi/Art is Open Source World Making incorporated is a fictional (yet existing) company with millions of associates, together with an ubiquitous technological system. Its objective is to create digital city infrastructures in which multiple layers of information become integral part of architecture, creating novel forms of citizenship and defining recombinant, re-programmable public spaces. […]