Waag-Society Event

By the time we set up our own Facebook account—by then, at the very latest—many of us are very much aware of the advantages and disadvantages inherent in our digital coexistence. Marleen Stikker founded her first Digital City all the way back in 1994. Now she’s one of the five Prix Ars Electronica jurors who are evaluating this year’s entries in the Digital Communities category.


Ian Banerjee, architect, city planner, educational researcher and member of the jury in the category “Digital Communities” of the 2014 Prix Ars Electronica, presents his view of digital communities and talks about possible changes that will shape our living together in future.


When the CyberArts 2013 opens it’s doors on September 5th, El Campo de Cebada, winners of the Golden Nica in Digital Communities, will be part of it. It’s a self-managed camp in Madrid/Spain, cleverly showing what the urban space of the 21st century might look like. We have talked with Zuloark, the architects behind this projects, finding out what you should know about the camp and what you could learn fro