They usually perform their tasks in huge factories or on construction sites, executing identical routines thousands or millions of times, over and over again. Or they vacuum our apartments, fully automatically. But things are different at the Ars Electronica Center. The Creative Robotics exhibition that opens on May 9, 2018 will show how robots are now being used in creative fields.


For “LabOratorium – An Alchemical WorldLab,” the Ars Electronica Solutions came up with an experimental exhibition concept that dovetails nicely with this year’s festival theme. This setup showcased the artists’ works and also gave the participating institutions an opportunity to show what they’re all about. We will show you some impressions of the exhibition at the POSTCITY.

CenterDeep SpaceFestivalRADICAL ATOMSResidencies

The artists collective Quadrature began Part 2 of their art & science residency at the Ars Electronica Futurelab a few days ago. The three artists spent the first part at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile in late May. To find out what they experienced, why they found everything there absurd and what they think about habitable exoplanets, read this interview.

Land of Hope

China’s history is awesome, full of tales and traditions passed down from time immemorial. How do students at Tsinghua University deal with this monumental cultural heritage when they approach it in terms of media art? In this interview, Prof. Wang of the Academy of Arts and Design tells us about his college. We also get a sneak preview of the Campus exhibition.

Ciphering Beyond Prototypes Ars Electronica Festival 2016

The theme of the 2016 Ars Electronica Festival is RADICAL ATOMS – and the alchemists of our time. But who are these people, actually? In the theme exhibition, you’ll find out all about the artists, scientists, activists and entrepreneurs whose unorthodox approaches and inspiring projects are bound to make an impact on our future. In so-called Artist Labs, 12 of them are each presenting several of their works. Learn what awaits you here.

Sculpture Factory DRIVE Volkswagen Berlin Ars Electronica Export

Ars Electronica Export is making another guest appearance in Berlin. The “HUMAN FACTOR – endless prototyping” exhibition running until August 27, 2016 at DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum Berlin displays art and industry’s common denominator—the human being, the human factor that’s constantly trying out prototypes for existential models in humankind’s ongoing struggle to resist extinction. Here are a few impressions of the exhibition.


“HUMAN FACTOR – endless prototyping,” an exhibition running July 1-August 27, 2016 at DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum Berlin, features a series of artistic prototypes demonstrating new and innovative linkages between art and industry. In this interview, curator Martin Honzik talks about the advantages prototypes have over their counterparts in serial production, and exactly what exhibition visitors can look forward to.

Neugebauer Ars Electronica Export Earth Lab

EARTH LAB, an exhibition produced jointly by the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow and Ars Electronica Export, presents new and unconventional ways of looking at our Blue Planet. In this interview, the two curators, Natalia Fuchs and Manuela Naveau, brief us about this remarkable lab on the underground level of Moscow’s Red October chocolate factory.


The question of the starting point, the Materia Prima of our world, quickly comes up when art gets in contact with science and vice versa. The correspondent exhibition of Ars Electronica and LABoral in Spain deals with the interaction of these two fields.