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Before the 100 Spaxels make their European public debut above the Danube on Saturday, September 10, 2016 just before the opening act of the Klangwolke, they’ll be subjected to a rigorous physical exam. The first two test flights already took place this week—the quadcopters lifted off from a secluded field in Mühlviertel, the rural area north of Linz, and put on quite a show (that not too many people got to see).


A ServiceDesign Jam will be staged for the first time in Linz—or, more precisely, in Axis Linz – Coworking Loft in Tabakfabrik—March 7-9, 2014. This is an extraordinary group experience in which participants develop—jointly, over 48 hours—innovative ideas and prototypes for services. This is one of the Global Service Jams being held simultaneously in over 120 cities worldwide.


(Deutsch) Am Urfahraner Markt weichen die Autos wieder den Menschen und Buden, der Urfahraner Frühlingsmarkt hat seine Pforten geöffnet, und das heißt auch, dass das Linz Verändert – Zelt abermals die Stadt, ihre Unternehmen und ihre Menschen ins Zentrum der Wahrnehmung rückt. Horst Hörtner, Leiter des Ars Electronica Futurelab, führt durch die neuen und erweiterten Installation.

CenterDeep Space LIVE

The Deep Space Live – Series “LINZ_EINST/JETZT” which compares historical pictures of Linz with their current views is having it’s next installment on November 15th at the Ars Electronica Center. MMag. Maria Jenner, who’s taking care of coordinating and programming the series and works at the Archiv der Stadt Linz talks about how the cooperation with the Center got started and how a look into the past can influence the development of a city.