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Experimental musicians Karen Schlimp, Jaap Blonk and Klaus Hollinetz take us along on a sonorous journey through the human skin this Friday, December 1, 2017. In a concert entitled “UNDER YOUR SKIN/Bodyterms” in Deep Space 8K, they’ll play on medical terminology, through scores made of microscope images, and with the full range of their instruments’ possibilities.

Deep SpaceFestivalRADICAL ATOMS

During the last three decades we have witnessed the growing complexity of technology and a flood that is filling our hospitals today—functional imaging, full gene sequencing, automated laboratory medicine and much more. But the role and responsibility sharing in healthcare has remained almost unchanged despite almost complete digitization. In this Deep Space talk Professor Horst Hahn presents possible future role models and the benefits and dangers of the digital revolution.


Diabetes is a so-called disease of affluence or lifestyle disease. It can do catastrophic damage to the body if left untreated. The Ars Electronica Center recently installed a very informative exhibit about Ypsomed’s Omnipod, a compact insulin pump that makes everyday life a lot easier for diabetics. Thomas Jannke, the AEC’s vice-director of visitor services and one of the first Omnipod users in Austria, explains what this amazing device is capable of.