Festival for Art, Technology and Society
POSTCITY Linz, September 7-11, 2017

Highlights at 2017 Ars Electronica Festival

The theme of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival is Artificial Intelligence – The Other I. We recently sat down with Festival Director Martin Honzik to get a sneak preview.

Ars Electronica Nightline 2017

Night owls and music fans are in for a real treat at the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival. The Opening extravaganza on Thursday, September 7th and the Nightline on Friday, September 8th offer highly danceable riffs conducive to high-energy nights. We sat down with the Salon 2000 curatorial team to find out more.

Joseph Herscher’s Machines

New York artist Joseph Herscher uses everyday objects to build Rube Goldberg machines that are as inefficient as can be. At the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival, he’ll be involved in three projects that illustrate his playful approach to creativity. In this interview, we found out what exactly awaits us.

Theater & Digital Media

Theater & Digital Media is debuting as a focal-point topic at Ars Electronica this year. September 7-11, 2017, this conclave is hosting encounters of, among others, traditional institutions such as Linz’s Landestheater and performative experiments like “Breaking the Wall” by Chris and Didi Bruckmayr.