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Myth of Theuth

SUN Sept. 10, 2017, 1:00 PM-5:00 PM, POSTCITY, Workshop Space
Credit: Eva Maria Dreisiebner

qujOchÖ (AT)

When he came to the alphabet, Theuth said: “This art, O king, will make the Egyptians wiser and richer in memory.” This is the myth of the invention of writing according to Plato’s Phaidros, which Myth of Theuth takes as base for a playful examination of media theories.

While walking through ancient Athens, up to seven people gather different media and get in touch with media-philosophical celebrities from the ancient world to the present. Vilém Flusser drives aside the telematic society ad nauseam, Laura Mulvey takes a joyful look at our memory and Marshall McLuhan finally gets his well-deserved message. Smartphones, newspapers, Lego bricks, sleeping masks, stamps and other media are used through twelve unique stations. At the festival, Myth of Theuth is put on display for the first time in a unique performance with four well-known personalities from media art and media philosophy.


Studio: qujOchÖ

Direction: Davide Bevilacqua
Production: Eva Maria Dreisiebner
Script: Thomas Philipp
Design and Editing: Stefan Eibelwimmer
Support: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst und Kultur, Land Oberösterreich, Stadt Linz, Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH aws