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Credit: Kevin Pirner

Peter Kopciak (AT), Kevin Pirner (AT), Alexis Ringot (FR), Florian Taurer (AT), Matthias Zeppelzauer (AT)

Acoustic tracking information is increasingly used to exchange information between mobile devices and to track users and their behavior. Beyond this, acoustic tracking makes it possible to track users across several devices. The exchange of tracking information is performed in the ultrasound band, which is inaudible for humans. The user is thus usually not aware of this data exchange. Since more and more users activate their microphones permanently to enable speech inputs, ultrasound tracking can happen at any time.

The goal of the SoniControl project is the development of a novel technology for the recognition and masking of acoustic tracking information as well as the development of a mobile application that provides this technology to end-users to protect their privacy. An ultrasonic firewall is developed that recognizes acoustic tracking information and notifies the user about it. Thereby, the user’s attention is drawn to this technology. Furthermore, the SoniControl technology makes it possible to block undesired acoustic tracking information to preserve the privacy of the user.


Supporters: St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Netidee Open Innovations, Internet Privatstiftung Austria (IPA)