Florian Born (DE)
THU September 4-MON September 8, 2014, 9:30 AM-7 PM
Herrenstraße, Heinz Vintage Design

People transfer systems from the physical to virtual space. But what happens if this process is reversed? Aerosol is an experiment, which investigates exactly this by using a particle simulation. The fascinating thing about such a particle system is the emergent, unpredictable phenomena. A taut fabric surface is formed into a continually changing landscape by using a grid of 16 servomotors that is attached to the fabric. Due to gravitation, small metal balls placed on top of the fabric are set in motion.

Groups and loners

If you watch the balls for a while, you will notice how the balls display a variety of behavior patterns. There are loners that constantly race over the fabric, never coming to rest, and groups of balls that move more slowly and only separate when the fabric landscape suddenly creates a hill.

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