atOms / MoLECULE

Ryo Kishi (JP)
THU September 4 - MON September 8, 2014, 9:30 AM-7 PM
Herrenstraße, Arkade

Dance with the air: atOms and MoLECULE are two—actually invisible—kinetic installations. The fact that they actually consist of unstable, moving layers of air is made apparent by the small white balls kept hovering in midair by several fans.

For atOms , Ryo Kishi set up a group of eight air jets controlled by servomotors. They produce a meshwork of eight individually adjustable air currents.

Fascinating Interplay

MoLECULE is constructed according to a similar principle. With 25 independently operating air vents keeping the balls aloft, Kishi’s second installation is even more complex, engendering a fascinating spectacle of equilibrium, motion and ceaseless change.

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