Braun Tube Jazz Band

Ei Wada (JP)
THU September 4 - MON September 8 2014 10 AM - 9 PM
Akademisches Gymnasium, New Building

It all began with a very fruitful mistake: Japanese artist/musician Ei Wada mistakenly connected a sound cable to a video port and thereby transformed sound into an image. Wada proceeded to take advantage of the fortuitous happenstance by recording the image with a camera and playing it back as an audio signal. This is now the technique used by Wada’s Braun Tube Jazz Band, an ensemble made up of old Braun cathode ray tube TV sets that the maestro has connected to video recorders that are, in turn, hooked up to a PC. He strikes up his Jazz Band by slapping the screens of the various TV sets. The astounding result is a powerful archaic-electronic sound reminiscent of a theremin.


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