Festival to watch and listen

Music Monday

(Deutsch) Am letzten Festivaltag lädt das Ars Electronica Festival 2014 zur sinnlichen wie auch intellektuellen Begegnung mit elektronischer und experimenteller Musik, mit dem Hörraum Stadt und mit der akustischen Ebene verschiedener Audiovisionen im Festivalprogramm ein. Continue reading

Interface Cultures: Live Performances

Interface Culture students and researchers propose and experience that seeks to challenge the traditional human-machine interaction with a new sensory and perceptual repertoire of electronic music. An immersive experience with tangible scores, edible synthesizers, noisy jelly circuits and parametric sound compositions. Continue reading

Deep Space LIVE: Ravel Landscapes

Ravel Landscapes blends imagery by visual artists Quayola und Sinigaglia with the music of Maurice Ravel as performed by French piano virtuosa Vanessa Wagner. Continue reading

Deep Space LIVE: Presentation LipDub

Kristefan Minski (AU/AT) and Roland Krenn (AT) present a first raw cut of the big “Take a Chance, Take a Change” LipDub, screen backstage photos and elaborate on the making of the video composed of sequences shot by hundreds of individuals. Continue reading

Best of Deep Space

The very best of the regular Deep Space program at the Ars Electronica Center. Continue reading

Deep Space LIVE: Touching

Touching seeks to propagate sound in space and to carry on a dialog – of the two performers with one another as well as with the space and the sound. They animate, spatialize and modify concrete tonal material and interlink it with visuals designed especially for this performance. Continue reading

Deep Space LIVE: Presentation u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD 2014

The grand finale of this year’s u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD will be a review of all the cool stuff that went on over the past four days on Spittelwiese and a presentation of what was developed at Youtube:Lab and Film:Lab, by and with Kino5 and under the motto of Animate Your City. Continue reading

Deep Space LIVE: Hermann Nitsch – Sinne und Sein

Painter/actionist Hermann Nitsch, one of the most important contemporary artists, is making a guest appearance in Deep Space. All the highpoints of Nitsch’s oeuvre – Viennese actionism, his famous splatter paintings, the Orgiastic Mystery Theater—have triggered heated discussions. Continue reading

Deep Space LIVE: The Machine View – Robotic Face Cartography

Swiss advertising & press photographer Daniel Boschung maps faces. But instead of snapping the images himself, he delegates the job to an industrial robot controlled by custom-programmed software. Continue reading

Deep Space LIVE: Gigantic World Record – 360° Gigapixel Photography

Jeffrey Martin specializes in creating photos of cities, usually shot from the top of a tower or skyscraper. His gigapixel photos are usually 360º panorama pictures, created from thousands of individual photos that have been carefully stitched together. Continue reading