Deep Space LIVE: Story Weaver – The Crane Returns a Favor

Maki Namekawa (JP), Chiaki Ishikawa (JP), Emiko Ogawa (JP / AT), Naohiro Hayaishi (JP), Tetsuro Yasunaga (JP), Hideaki Ogawa (JP / AT)
THU 4 2014, 12 noon
FRI 5 2014, 12 noon
SAT 6 2014, 6 PM
SUN 7 2014, 3 PM
MON 8 2014, 4 PM

Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space

Story Weaver is a piano piece coupled with animated images. The pianist is Maki Namekawa, a native of Japan who lives in Linz. It’s based on the Japanese fable “The Crane Returns a Favor.” Deep Space’s technical infrastructure makes this performance a holistic experience.

Piano: Maki Namekawa
Music: Chiaki Ishikawa
Drawings: Emiko Ogawa
Visual Programming: Naohiro Hayaishi
Workshop Programming: Tetsuro Yasunaga
Art Direction: Hideaki Ogawa

Supported by: Arts Council Tokyo

ATTENTION: Seating is limited. Seat reservation tickets will be available at the Ars Electronica Center Infodesk beginning one hour before the performance.

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