A quintessential element of Ars Electronica since its very inception has been the Festival’s venues: a major part of each year’s lineup of events takes place at outdoor locations in the streets, squares and parks of downtown Linz. In carrying on this tradition, everything will be tweaked once again this year, as the festival proceedings take leave of the conventional settings of art and culture and boldly go forth into urban situations. This is a festival in motion, in search of new ways into the future. This year’s itinerary includes—in addition to classic festival venues such as the Main square of Linz, the OK, the Art University, the Brucknerhaus and the Ars Electronica Center itself—the Arkade [mall], Sparkassengeviert [bank atrium], Akademisches Gymnasium [high school], the courtyard and garden of the Bishop’s residence, the plaza in front of the cathedral. A Festival City extending from the Promenade to Bischofstrasse and from Landstraße to Herrenstraße. Over five days, the festival will be played out within these coordinates.

Route proposals

Besides the numerous WE GUIDE YOU tours there are of course many ways to explore the Festival Ars Electronica 2014. Here we provide a few suggested routes to download!

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