The Ars Electronica Festival is, needless to say, not the only thing going on in Linz over these five days. Quite the contrary—there’s a lot happening at many cultural facilities and initiatives. The upshot is an extraordinarily interesting Associated Program of ancillary events. Every Ars Electronica festivalgoer is sure to find something to his or her liking. Check it out.

MS Wissenschaft: Digital unterwegs
Immersion, amazement, experience—In the exhibition aboard the freighter MS Wissenschaft, youngsters age 12+ can have fun exploring on their own at 38 hands-on installations.

Archivia 14 - Online archives for cultural diversity in Europe!
Whenever copyright collides with the public’s interest in free access to information nowadays, online archives face numerous legal and cultural-economic challenges. The nature of the specific problems that emerge thereby and potential solutions to them are the subjects of speeches, panel discussions and workshops presented by ARCHIVIA.

Information as Reality - Critical cultural practices in digital networks
Automated network systems control global production and transaction processes. Increasingly digital models and virtual information regimes modify social reality. Arts and cultural workers have played an important role in shaping these new digital worlds.

Workshop on Tourism and Creative Economy
How the tourism sector and the creative economy can work together and benefit from each other is the subject of a large-scale study by the OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. With this workshop for invited guests, the OECD is segueing from theory to practice, as it were, and has chosen Linz during the Ars Electronica Festival as the place to do so.

The Soft, the Hard and the Wet
The Soft, the Hard and the Wet performance invites the public aboard MS Wissenschaft, walk through the Ars Electronica Center maindeck and step into the Stadtwerkstatt club to experience the wearable, the breakable and the imperishable.

Klaus Obermaier: Artists, Boobs and Cities
Art society PARADIGMA Linz presents the distinguished media artist, director and composer Klaus Obermaier with an interactive installation – and showing a lesser known part of his artistic work: digital portraits of artists and condensed urban landscapes. At the opening on Friday you can enjoy free drinks and snacks. On Saturday you are invited to a champagne breakfast at the gallery.

The distance between human being and technology is decreasing. Digital technologies pervade our everyday life and our workplace, offering us a wide array of new possibilities. Here, top-name experts will discuss how digitization is changing our lives and how new solutions emerging from science and R&D are driving this development forward.

Stadtwerkstatt Nightline
Bypassing the rules of traditional musicianship, Jan Jelinek prefers to construct collages from tiny sound fragments, from the lost-and-found products of samplers, tape recorders, media players and other recording implements.

Musik Kantine @ Tabakfabrik
The Musik Kantine is a temporary record shop in the Tabakfabrik’s club canteen. It’ll be open on Friday and Saturday during the Ars Electronica Festival.