Akademisches Gymnasium

(In)Sights – Ars Electronica Solutions

(In)Sights interlinks real objects and digital information in a way that’s fun to use. It enhances the use of the object by adding an interactive level. Continue reading

Solutions Center

Leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle can be so simple. If you’re going to leave a room for more than three minutes in the evening, it pays to turn off the light. Or: regularly checking your tire pressure increases driving safety and saves gas. Continue reading

Virtuelles Ohr

This exhibit developed in cooperation with the MED-EL company stages a virtual journey through the human ear. Continue reading

Laser Game

Laser Game, an installation designed for an upcoming exhibition in Berlin, sets up a scenario à la “Mission: Impossible” for users to test their agility. Have you got what it takes to go all the way without getting zapped by a laser beam? Continue reading

Rag Shopping Wall

In cooperation with Umdasch Shopfitting, Europe’s leading shop design firm, fashion retailer RAG and electronics giant Samsung, Ars Electronica Solutions developed this interactive Shopping Wall that lets customers browse a product portfolio in a variety of ways. Continue reading

Light is Time Folds Are Space

Light Is Time Folds Are Space are a new body of works by Matthew Gardiner that examine the relationships between light, folds and space. The works are code generated folded sculptures, fold mapped DNA-like structures, morphed with the systematic movement of light. Continue reading

Braun Tube Jazz Band

It all began with a very fruitful mistake: Japanese artist/musician Ei Wada mistakenly connected a sound cable to a video port and thereby transformed sound into an image. Wada proceeded to take advantage of the fortuitous happenstance by recording the image with a camera and playing it back as an audio signal. Continue reading

iPhone Quick-Draw System

Draw! The iPhone Quick-Draw System that the Japan Media Arts Festival is presenting in the Future Innovators Exhibit will add a whiff of the Wild West to the high-gloss world of modern media. Continue reading


BlindMaps is an R&D project that aims to come up with navigation aids to make it easier and safer for blind people to get around in cities they’re unfamiliar with. Continue reading

Connecting Cities – The Participatory City

(Deutsch) Der Wandel des Lebensraums Stadt steht beim Connecting-Cities-Schwerpunktthema The Participatory City im Mittelpunkt des Interesses. Gefragt waren künstlerische Arbeiten im öffentlichen Raum, die neue Möglichkeiten der Interaktion von Stadt und StädterInnen auftun und ein kritisches Bewusstsein für die laufenden urbanen Veränderungsprozesse schaffen sollen. Continue reading