Deep Space LIVE: Hermann Nitsch – Sinne und Sein

Painter/actionist Hermann Nitsch, one of the most important contemporary artists, is making a guest appearance in Deep Space. All the highpoints of Nitsch’s oeuvre – Viennese actionism, his famous splatter paintings, the Orgiastic Mystery Theater—have triggered heated discussions. Continue reading


The eight-minute-long experience by Grinder-Man entitled “Mirage” is dedicated to an age-old yearning: the blurring of the past and future and thus the dissolution of the reality to which we’re accustomed. Continue reading

5 robots named Paul

In a scene reminiscent of a drawing class, a human is sketched by 5 robots named Paul. Their bodies are old school desks on which the drawing paper is pinned. Their left arms, bolted on the desks, holding black biros, are only able to draw. The robots, stylised minimal obsessive artists, look alike except for their eyes, either obsolete digital cameras, or webcams. The sounds produced by the robot’s motors create an improvised soundtrack. Continue reading