The Soft, the Hard and the Wet

The Soft, the Hard and the Wet performance invites the public aboard MS Wissenschaft, walk through the Ars Electronica Center maindeck and step into the Stadtwerkstatt club to experience the wearable, the breakable and the imperishable. Continue reading


Weary of the media art scene’s many highly elaborate interactive installations, panGenerator, a crew from Poland, created Constellaction, a smart yet playful alternative to the stacks of hardware everyone else seems to require these days. Handy, three-dimensional tetrahedrons are the elements used to construct this array, one that’s so simple kids can master it immediately. Continue reading


The eight-minute-long experience by Grinder-Man entitled “Mirage” is dedicated to an age-old yearning: the blurring of the past and future and thus the dissolution of the reality to which we’re accustomed. Continue reading

Take a Number, Leave Your Head. A Cellar Club Piece with Drinks and Dada

(Deutsch) Mit Blick nach vorn greifen Klaus Obermaier und das Ars Electronica Futurelab auf eine schon historische Kunstströmung zurück, die trotz ihrer fast 100 Jahre noch immer zu bewegen vermag: die Anti-Kunstbewegung Dadaismus mit ihrer Liebe zum Archaischen und Absurden. Continue reading