Yasuaki Kakehi

onNote (type-DP)

onNote is a novel musical performance system that directly utilizes printed music scores as a musical instrument. This system can make users believe that sound is indeed embedded in the music notes in the scores. Continue reading


unsettled succinctly describes the mood prevailing in Japan in the wake of the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. Continue reading

TECHTILE toolkit

Yasuaki Kakehi and several colleagues have been working for a considerable time now on the development of haptic interfaces and technology to thereby add a third medium – in addition to audio and video – to the creative repertoire available to digital art and design. Continue reading

tamable looper

The tamable looper is one of a group of works in which inorganic material is set in motion and thereby evokes the distinctive behavior of certain living creatures. Continue reading

Lapillus Bug

Lapillus Bug is an atomic creature that hovers over a breakfast plate. An inorganic particle is trapped in mid-air by ultrasonic sound waves. This bug, which looks a bit like a fruit fly, flies about quivering. The bug also likes to play with humans and displays various types of behavior, reacting to illuminated lights and to objects placed on the plate. Continue reading