The Collider

Danqing Shi (CN), Ke Fang (CN), Junjie Yu (CN), Yunzi Qian (CN), Yin Li (CN)
THU September 4-MON September 8, 2014 10am-7pm

A question of trust: how far are you willing to entrust your security to a machine?
The Collider is a door that opens only to those who apparently don’t believe in its existence. Anyone who’d like to pass through it has to take a 15-meter-long approach and run full-speed-ahead right at the closed portal.

Does Trust Suffice?

At the very last moment—just when a game-over crash seems unavoidable—the door springs open … provided the runner continues at full speed all the way through the final centimeters. It calls for a lot of trust in the technology. A series of sensors is what makes it work. They measure the position and speed of the person on the runway. If the final sensor still measures no deceleration, an electromagnet is turned off, the door unlocks and the way through the portal is open.

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