Ars Electronica Animation Festival

A colorfully diverse selection of recent works of computer animation, impressive film productions and cutting-edge visual effects await you at the Ars Electronica Animation Festival. Get ready to enjoy about 100 clips from films submitted for prize consideration to the Prix Ars Electronica, a competition in which artistic originality counts just as much as technical mastery.

The Prix’s Computer Animation/Film/VFX category annually honors outstanding achievements in these fields. Prizewinners range from indie artistic or scientific efforts all the way to high-end commercial productions in the film, advertising and entertainment industries. The Prix Ars Electronica’s Golden Nica grand prize is one of the world’s most coveted awards for creativity and pioneering spirit in the use of digital media.

Presentation Times:
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday 10 AM – 6 PM



Golden Nicas

The “Computer Animation/Film/ VFX” category has been part of the Prix Ars Electronica since its very inception. It recognizes excellence in independent work in the arts and sciences as well as in high-end commercial productions in the film, advertising and entertainment industries. Here, artistic originality counts just as much as masterful technical achievement. Watch all winning animations since 1987!

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Young Animations

Witty, off-beat, subtle, tragic and serious animated works produced by young people under 19 years of age. Gifted young filmmakers submit their cinematic creations to u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD.

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These films belonging to the category “Memories” serve as proxies as it were for the visualizations of worlds of feeling and remembrance, a discipline in which animation truly shines.

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The experimental approach in various forms and genres can apply to any element—to the storytelling itself, to new forms of production in the blog format, to serial animation produced by several designers, or to object-space interaction. A collection of narrative films, abstract works, and documentaries.

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Music & Images

Watch the various modes of interplaying music and images—including experimental works, classic examples of visual music, and conventional music videos that are generated with the use of tools ranging from high- to low-tech.

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The short narrative film has become a mainstay in the field of computer animation. Not-your-everyday love stories, reflections that lead an insistent life of their own, a pushy blue crocodile as flatmate—computer animations let storytellers give free rein to their imagination!

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Mental States

Remembrances of childhood, issues defying closure, and disturbances— all the films describe sensitive and highly personal mental states and give accounts of people in states of acute emergency. A thematically very specially defined compilation of storytelling.

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Late Nite

Sexual obsessions, violent fantasies, blood, death and persecution—this is a lineup for after dark and for viewers with strong nerves! (Please note: Not appropriate for children and youth under the age of 16).

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Advertisement & VFX

Computer animation and VFX have long since become part of everyday life in advertising, the film business and the booming game industry. A growing number of alternatives have emerged beside major studios. Open source and Creative Commons are the bright spots here.

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Expanded Digital Animation

3D visualizations in interior spaces and on building façades as well as in performative settings have solidly established themselves in the field of computer animation. High-performance projection technology and software packages have made it possible to bring excellent motion pictures into the public sphere.

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