Artists, Creators, Engineers

Three terms that describe an image of the artist, an image that is closely connected to the history of media art and that has occupied the focal point of Ars Electronica’s activities for 30 years. Artists, Creators, Engineers: creative artists at the interface of technology and society for whom the computer is tool, medium and content in equal measure. Who combine an artistic vision with a high level of technical know-how, and provide a key impetus to shaping our modern media-based society.


Pool of Fingerprints_590x350

Pool of Fingerprints

by Euclid (Masahiko Sato & Takashi Kiriyama) (JP)
“Pool of Fingerprints” consists of a large display surface and a fingerprint scanner. The display surface is populated with fingerprints that swarm across it like a school of fish.

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Hello Machine_590x350

Hello Machine – Hello Human

by Rachel Hanlon (AU)
Hello Machines are dispersed throughout the world at ever-changing locations and time zones. Picking up the receiver rings up the other Hello Machines and thus creates the option of spontaneous voice-visiting.

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Linzer City Bees

Today, Linz cultural institutions are the home of nine colonies of bees with about 500,000 individuals busy collecting nectar and producing honey. In addition to the Musiktheater and the Brucknerhaus, there’s been a hive atop the Ars Electronica Center since April 2015.

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Cloud Face

by Shinseungback Kimyonghun
In each photo displayed on a wall, a computer—or, actually, facial recognition software—discovered human faces.

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Real Imaginary Objects

by Daniel Crooks
Video artist Daniel Crooks endeavors to employ time as a physical material in his artistic work, and to transcend the monitor screen to enter the domain of three-dimensional physical sculpture.

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Rope in Space

Rope in Space

In “Rope in Space,” a cable becomes a connector between two people at different locations. A pair of contestants—one in the Ars Electronica Center Linz; one in the Welios in Wels—face off to measure their relative strength via video link. So, step up and show what you’ve got! But please: one at a time!

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Play the façade

Let the Ars Electronica Center sound and glow, the way you like it.

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cala maris

Jellyfish make a unique and fascinating impression on observers. Since they possess neither heart nor brain, they come across as innocent yet, at the same time, unpredictable.

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