Deep Space: Action Pack

Here is action announced! Enjoy adrenalin-charged sports videos in brilliant resolution. Starting from a freeride mountain bike competition and a paragliding flight of the Red Bull Media House over a ski trip from the I-perspective on the Streif to a rapid rally over narrow gravel roads in 3-D, something for everyone. Through the unique possibilities of the Deep Space 8K you experience the entire tension as if you were on the spot.




Streif in 3-D

Here’s your big chance to experience what it’s like to race down the world’s most famous ski slope—hearing the whoosh of the wind and the skis gliding over the packed snow as you speed towards the finish line at 90 MPH!

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White Room Project_590x350

White Room Project

The music in this video is ONLY made of the original sounds, which were recorded during the video shooting. They just have been processed and manipulated in one way or anothe

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil_590x350

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Acrobatic freerunner Ryan Doyle travels the globe for freerunning thrills. In this episode, our intrepid explorer pitches up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he enjoys the beach, the music, the lifestyle and the close proximity of urban life to nature.

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Rocky Mountains Traverse

In August 2014 accomplished paragliders Will Gadd and Gavin McClurg will attempt to complete the first ever paragliding traverse of the Rocky Mountain Range, North America‘s most iconic and wildest region by far.

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Life Cycles_590x350

Life Cycles

Life Cycles is a true adventure film. Over 5 years in the making, and using the bicycle as the vehicle, Life Cycles takes you on a journey through natures most beautiful, dramatic, and sometimes unforgiving landscapes.

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The Art of Flight_590x350

The Art of Flight

The Art of Flight is a Red Bull sponsored documentary film about snowboarding.

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Red Bull Rampage

Red Bull Rampage brings the best slopestyle riders, downhill and freeriders together in a unique Big Mountain event, but it’s even difficult for the best riders in the world.

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ŠKODA Rallye 3-D

What does it really feel like to race down a narrow gravel road at speeds of up to 150 km/h? For a dealer conference held by carmaker ŠKODA, the Ars Electronica Futurelab produced an action-packed 3-D video that’s now being screened for Ars Electronica Center visitors in Deep Space 8K.

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