Deep Space: Timelapse, Panoramas, Gigapixels

Photo: NASA

Ever since time-lapse photography was first used in the late 19th century, viewers have been enthralled by this filmmaking technique and the amazing way its highly accelerated tempo sheds new light on things that occur in our world. Cameras that can be set to take shots at intervals ranging from a few minutes to several days capture visual phenomena played out far beyond our conventional time horizon. Combining these highly detailed, fast-forward motion pictures with the extraordinarily high degree of resolution in Deep Space 8K opens our eyes to everyday events that we’ve never seen in this form before. The Deep Space is the place where high-resolution gigapixel images and breathtaking panorama images can be experienced best.




Laurin Döpfner sands off different work pieces with an edge sander half a millimeter and photographs it every time.

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Face Cartography

The composed mega portraits are irritating. Face Cartography is the Swiss publicity and coverage photographer’s newest project.

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In2white – Mont Blanc largest panoramic image

Great events deserve correspondingly big stages, all the more so when the embodiment of an event has the dizzy height of the Mont Blanc.

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Rio 10K

American photographer Joe Capra (aka Scientifantastic) specializes in time-lapse photography in the ultra-high-resolution range of 4K to 10K.

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The star at the center of our solar system delivers the light and warmth that make life on Earth possible. Sun enables viewers in Deep Space 8K to behold that star’s enormous power.

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Urfixed Light Animation

With its colorful mix of carousels, Ferris wheels, roller coasters and fireworks, the Urfahranermarkt, a twice-annual (spring and autumn) event staged on a fairground attracts over a million visitors a year.

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Ebstorf Map

(Deutsch) Die größte Weltkarte des Mittelalters mitsamt ihren zahlreichen Details spiegelt das Weltbild dieser Zeit wider wie keine andere.

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The Voynich Manuscript

(Deutsch) Das Voynich-Manuskript ist ein Schriftstück, dessen genaues Alter, Herkunft und Autor unbekannt sind.

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xRez in Focus

(Deutsch) Urbane Strukturen, weite Landschaften, extreme Orte, einfallsreiche Natur – betrachten Sie die großformatigen Panorama-Bilder des xRez-Studio.

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