Deep Space: Play Spaces

Spielräume 590x350

Deep Space reloaded opens up a whole series of portals to new content. Two 16×9-meter projection surfaces on the wall and floor of a space equipped with sophisticated tracking technology makes Deep Space 8K an extraordinary setting for realistic three-dimensional experiences. Pharus, the laser tracking system Ars Electronica Futurelab staffer Otto Naderer developed as his master’s degree project, has been continuously enhanced since its inception. Students at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences’ Hagenberg Campus and Linz specifically created Art University were so fascinated by it that they created their own applications for Deep Space. Six laser sensors installed at ankle height around the periphery of the floor detect the positions of the individuals moving about the space. Simultaneous evaluation of the captured data in combination with intelligent tracking makes it possible for this setup to register up to 30 individuals in Deep Space 8K.




The time-lapse film “Dilpoda“ features live Isopods settling on a computer main board. As the creatures are coloured by UV paint and are illuminated by black light the scene evokes images of life in a big city at night with busy streets and speeding cars.

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Cooperative Aesthetic – Curves

In Curves the changes of visitors’ positions in the space generate curves that connect up into blood-vessel-like structures.

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Game Changer Suite – Fluridus

Fluridus combines competitive and cooperative play in a seemingly peaceful space setting. Players choose sides by taking a color from one of the two mother ships and then attempt to collect asteroid fields of varying sizes and colors that provide energy for each ship.

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Tower of Power_590x350

Game Changer Suite – Tower of Power

Tower of Power draws its inspiration from the game classics Tetris and Bomberman, combining them into a team-based building race.

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Game Changer Suite – Beelzeball

Beelzeball channels the fervent energy of competitive sports such as football or squash with computer game elements inspired by classic games like Arkanoid and Snake. But rather than being a team sport, the focus here is entirely on competition; it’s every player for him or herself.

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Fish Feast_590x350

Game Changer Suite – Fish Feast

Fish Feast is the most primal member of the GameChanger family. The goal is simply to consume as many non­player fish as possible and grow to a formidable size. But beware: the largest player fish (signified by the crown on its head) can also devour other player fish and eliminate them from the game.

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Space Defender_590x350

Game Changer Suite – Swarm Defender

Swarm Defender features a standard save­the­planet­from­invading­spaceships scenario. But here the planet cannot be saved singlehandedly by a sharpshooter hero; players have to cooperate in order to protect the earth from a wave of 50+ invaders.

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Video Puzzle_590x350

Cooperative Aesthetic – Movie Puzzle

The starting point for the work “Movie Puzzle” are clips of animations of the Czech filmmaker Jan Švankmajer. The film clips are shown in nine equal parts at the bottom of Deep Space in random fragmentation. The parts can be moved by entering and moving in space. The aim is to build the nine ever-changing parts back into a complete video together.

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Sound Scape_590x350

Cooperative Aesthetic – Geometric Soundscape

In “Geometric Soundscape” the relationships between sound, visualization, motion and position are to be tested in space.

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Cooperative Aesthetic – Sinus

In Sinus, a work by Simon Krenn, a student in the Time-based and Interactive Media program, visitors walk across the projection surface and—individually or as a group—impart vibrations to sine waves several meters in length.

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Colour bars_590x350

Cooperative Aesthetic – Colour Bars

Colour Bars is an interactive work by Gerhard Funk, director of Linz Art University’s Timebased and Interactive Media program, and Christoph Frey (Sound). Visitors to this installation jointly endeavor to define a particular shade of color.

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Game Changer Suite

Game Changer Suite is a collection of multiplayer games that were developed as prototypes by students at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences’ Hagenberg Campus.

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