The third Dimension

Past Exhibition
Begin: 22.09.2017
End: 05.11.2017

Dritte Dimension_590x350

Credit: Magdalena Sick-Leitner

Until SUN November 11, 2017

Unique images and models of human anatomy – in 3-D – meet the history of radiography. In elaborate handwork, already in the 18th century deceptively real wax models were formed, which gave the contemporaries a look under the skin for the first time. Today, on the basis of the image data of MRT and CT on the computer using the so-called Cinematic-Rendering technology, hyperrealistic body images are created that open up completely new insights into the interior. Cinematic Rendering is a 3-D visualization technique, which can represent hyperrealistic body images on the basis of image data of MRT and CT on the computer and has only recently been nominated for the German Future Prize. In the German-speaking world, the Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Center is the only place where Cinematic Rendering can be shown.This and other exciting development steps of the 3-D visualization techniques from the X-ray stereoscopy up to the 3-D-printings shows the exhibition “The third Dimension”.


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