Elements of Art and Science

Past Exhibition
Begin: 03.09.2015
End: 31.07.2017


photo: Silk Leaf, Julian Melchiorri

The “Elements of Art and Science” exhibition includes several outstanding works that demonstrate the varied approaches and methods artists use when dealing with scientific subjects. Establishing interconnections among diverse fields of knowledge provides access to alternative perspectives and can foster the emergence of ideas for new developments.

Financed and supported by the European Network of Digital Art and Science.



Watching the Watchers_James Bridle

Watching the Watchers

Watching the Watchers is a series of drone images from Google Maps and other publically accessible sources of satellite images. These aerial photographs show military bases in the US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places from which the military operates drones.

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Flash Flood_350.org

Flash Flood

Working together with the Santa Fe Art Institute, artists in 16 different communities and thousands of volunteers, 350.org coordinated massive human sculptures that were photographed from satellite.

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María Ignacia Edwards works with equilibrium, lightness and weightlessness of objects that she brings into balance by deploying their own weight or counterweights.

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