More than half the people in the world right now live in cities. This development cannot be stopped—by 2050, more than two-thirds of this planet’s inhabitants will be city-dwellers, and pulsating, densely populated cities will be confronted by massive challenges. But the diversity and complexity of 21st-century urban habitats have already become so overwhelming that it’s hardly possible to even grasp and generalize about all their various facets.

GeoPulse puts a state-of-the-art simulation & visualization tool into your hands, one that lets you explore Linz and other cities worldwide literally “single-handedly.” Take hold of one of the digital pens, enter this walk-through interactive databank, and use the pen to select letters, city maps, wall surfaces and other objects.

GeoPulse’s user-friendly interaction makes it easy for you to immerse yourself in this extraordinary realm of experience, and to visually, intuitively encounter complex, eye-opening information about very diverse cities. This is a fun approach to gathering facts you need to know, and to comparing local and global processes. Grasp interrelationships prevailing in these metropolitan areas from new perspectives, view images, videos, texts, maps, infographics, statistics and other data on a wide variety of urban topics, and access detailed information about the development of the City of Linz.




GeoPulse Linz

Discover the city of Linz and its many facets in the walkable database “GeoPulse” and learn interesting facts about the future of Linz, migration, history and culture.

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World Café

Get new impressions of Beijing, New York City, Lagos and the cities of the future with exciting statistics, real-time data, maps, photos and videos at the “World Café”.

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World Statistics

Infographics, statistics and visualizations provide insights into developments and different cities of the world.

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Look out from several vantage points over the rooftops of Linz and other locations around the world.

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The race for the highest skyscraper is in fully underway – almost every year the record of the highest building in the world is being broken.

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A selection of 30 different radio stations from all over the world accompanies you acoustically while your exhibition visit.

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