Prix Workshop


The Sound & Video Lab lets you get hands-on experience discovering amazing new possibilities in the world of film and music. Experiment with sounds and images, and develop your own project! Have you already come up with a concept, or are you seeking a new challenge? Either way—you can draw inspiration from a selection of video and music projects that have been honored by the Prix Ars Electronica, the world’s foremost competition in the media arts.
Users get access to a fully equipped sound studio, a Greenbox, an animationbox and lots more. A variety of hardware & software components are placed at your disposal to get your project off to a great start or, if you’ve brought your own material with you, to put the finishing t ouches on it. Give free rein to your creative energies composing music, playing instruments or producing a video. Express yourself, your way!
Then all you have to do is submit your work to Prix Ars Electronica! For details, go to

Some work examples:

Workshops at the recording studio

Step into a fully functional recording studio where you can record, remix and produce your own personal sound during a workshop. For more information please contact the visitor service at phone +43 732 7272 51 or via mail at
The SoundLab is supported by Ableton, thank you very much!




Visual:Drumset is a musical instrument based on projection mapping technology. It accompanies drumbeats with visuals displayed right on the drumheads of a whole drum set.

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The SoundLab provides you with access to professional equipment to record and produce noises, sounds and music. Try your hand at synthesizers and explore the world of digital audio processing. What you’re sure to have is lots of fun!

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