Linz Art University and Ars Electronica have been working together closely for many years now. One collaborative project has been the TIME OUT exhibition series that enables young media artists in the school’s Time-based and Interactive Media program to show their work in the Ars Electronica Center.

This Bachelor of Art degree program offers comprehensive and highly professional approaches to the theory, technology and design of digital media. It’s geared towards students interested in gaining in-depth skills and wide-ranging experience in the areas of video, audio, installation, interface and interaction. In this program, the accent is on providing students with plenty of creative latitude to express themselves using the means afforded by audiovisual technology, to experiment with digital media, and to bring their own ideas to fruition.

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galleya jump 590x350

Eyes to the Ground (TIME OUT .07)

The X in the middle of the trampoline serves as a button to begin taking a tour through Dominik Galleya’s everyday life. Like clicking on a camera’s shutter release, a bounce on the trampoline switches to the next photo.

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Wachstropf (TIME OUT .07)

Icicles symbolize aesthetically pleasing but fragile objects whose long and elaborate process of formation can be negated in seconds by an unforeseen event.

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all of us narben 590x350

All of Us (TIME OUT .07)

In her interactive installation entitled “All of Us,” Marlene Reischl confronts the aesthetics of scars. In addition to the visible external marks on a human being, scars also include enduring memories of injuries or experiences.

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The context in which we perceive ourselves and our environment is decisive in determining how we grasp and interpret something. Our point of view is always subjective and often constrained by social and personal norms.


Greetings (TIME OUT .07)

Suspended from the ceiling are numerous identical, autonomous devices controlled by infrared motion sensors. The devices’ function is to open and close greeting cards equipped with sound modules.

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light driven stand still 590x350

A Light-Driven Standstill (TIME OUT .07)

The Experimental Procedures lecture course Katharina Gruber took at Linz Art University inspired her to investigate the dynamic relationship between movement and standstill.

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How to Infiltrate_590x350

How to Infiltrate a Group of Friends (TIME OUT .07)

This autobiographical computer game is meant as a means of dealing with lost friendships. There was no angry outburst, no argument, no triggering event—nevertheless, a group of friends went their separate ways.

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Coming Home (TIME OUT .07)

In Lisa Bickel’s work “Coming Home,” she poses a series of questions: What do you hear when, after a long day, you come home and switch on the light? How is the atmosphere? Which sound do you perceive as pleasant? Which is annoying?

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E + F – K = 2 (TIME OUT .07)

E + F – K = 2 (English: V – E + F = 2) is an equation known as Euler’s polyhedron formula, whereby, for any given polyhedron, the number of vertices (corners) minus the number of edges plus the number of faces equals two. Fabian Erblehner’s artistic work is just such a structure, a polyhedron consisting of multiple polygons.

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International Coverage_590x350

[inter]national coverage (TIME OUT .05)

“[inter]national coverage” deals with the reportage by Austrian online newspapers on matters of global importance.

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Your Unerasable Text (TIME OUT .01)

A text message is printed and seemingly irretrievably destroyed before the eyes of visitors – but on any digital node, that the message has passed, there was the option to save a copy of it.

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