Beyond Prototyping


Credit: Christopher Sonnleitner

Jussi Ängeslevä (FI)

A work of light art created with the help of a 3-D printer (Highlight), an encoded ring (Ciphering), and an abstract representation of a network of city streets engraved into a tabletop and depicting a location with a special personal meaning (Locatable)—these three creations can serve as prototypical examples of Industrial Design 4.0.

The design studio is the intuitive online platform Beyond Prototyping; the design team a partnership of designers and consumers. In a virtual co-creation & co-production process, they design individual pieces characterized by expressiveness, functionality as well as quality and durability that go far beyond the level of conventional prototype construction.


“And then the “designer” in this case, an algorithm running on a server, does the designing, and creates a striking form that fulfils the required light distribution. But for the rest of it, it’s a lampshade, a kind of “hello world” of 3D printed products.”

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