Deep Space LIVE: radio433 presents Niú Zhāng Zhī

Event: Deep Space LIVE: radio433 presents Niú Zhāng Zhī
Date: THU November 28, 2013, 8 PM-9 PM
Price: 3 € per person or valid museum ticket
Language: German only
Note: Reservations via 0732.7272.51 or

The artist group “radio433” presents five experimental audiovisual performances of sound artists from Taiwan and Austria, who can draw on both – national and international – reputation with their many years of experience. They are accompanied by students from these two contrasting countries who have already made a name in its genre. “radio433 presents Niu Zhang Zhi / / 牛樟 芝 (Taiwanofungus camphoratus)” is an event in cooperation with the student representatives of time-based media.

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Deep Space LIVE

High-resolution imagery in the format of 16 x 9 meters accompanied by expert commentary. Deep Space LIVE stands for enlightening entertainment amidst impressive images. Other dates can be found on

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