In Touch With The Earth

Climate and vegetation zones, ice masses, mountain ranges and deep-sea trenches, bush and forest fires, the routes of migratory birds. Or how about metropolitan areas, networks of streets and railway lines, light pollution, production and consumption of energy, the internet and Big Data. The Ars Electronica Center’s high-definition examination of the multifarious interrelationships between the micro- and macrocosm, among local and global facts & circumstances is entitled “In Touch with the Earth.” A key role in this close-up encounter is played by new technologies and imaging procedures that deliver sensational impressions of the processes at work within our planet’s ecosystem as well as the spaces and networks that have been erected by humankind.

The thematic focus shapes several areas of the Ars Electronica Center:

GeoPulse: The exhibition is an walkable interactive database where you can explore the city of Linz, megacities such as Beijing and New York and other urban areas in new ways. More information

Overview: Impressive visuals of the Deep Space show “Overview” will help you to understand the interrelationships of our earth. TUE-FRI: 4:30 PM and SAT, SUN, public holiday: 12:30 PM, 4:30 PM. More information

Terra Mater LIVE: Watch exciting documentaries in large format on the big projection of 16 by 9 meters in Deep Space. Every Wednesday at 8:15 PM. Admission free. More information



Special guided tour

Every SAT at 4 PM the special guided tour of the current thematic focus introduces you into the exhibition areas “GeoPulse” and “Overview” one hour long.