Interface I documentation

Interface I_tom mesic

Credit: Tom Mesic

Ralf Baecker (DE)

A videoducumentation of Interface I.

Interface I manifests the essence of a phenomenon that various experts such as biologists and political strategists seek to come to terms with—how complex systems go about reciprocally influencing and adjusting to each other. Ralf Baecker puts this into a physical form in terms of the interaction of two systems consisting of motors, wire and elastic band.

Each motor in the system is connected by wire to its counterpart in the other system that’s vertically juxtaposed to it. Each one pulls in its own direction, whereby the respective amount of tractive force is determined by randomly distributed values measured by a battery of Geiger counters.

Just as each motor is connected to its counterpart, each wire is also attached by an elastic band to its neighbor; thus, everything is linked to everything else. Flows of energy bring about un-programmed motion in both systems and an ongoing effort to assert control over the marginal area between them.