MycoTex – Neffa


Credit: NEFFA

Aniela Hoitink (NL)

Mycelia are thread-like fungal cells. In nature, they branch out into subterranean networks of filigree fibers that can extend over hundreds of hectares and live for millennia. Textile designer Aniela Hoitink has taken advantage of these extraordinary characteristics in her R&D work on innovative fabrics made of pure mycelium.

MycoTEX is a textile made only of plant matter. The production process entails forming it three-dimensionally into clothing, whereby it’s made in batches of the exact amount necessary for a particular garment so no trimmings or scraps are left over. Repairs such as replacing torn or worn-out areas are performed easily and without leaving visible seams or patches. If an item of MycoTEX clothing falls out of favor with its owner—because it’s unfashionable or for any other reason—it can simply be composted.