Ready to crawl

Ready to crawl_Sugihara Hiroshi_590x350

Credit: Hiroshi Sugihara

Hiroshi Sugihara (JP)

Production in one fell swoop—in this project, robots are output in a completed state just like living creatures delivered as viable beings by their mother. Machines are usually completed by assembling various prefab components, but additive manufacturing (AM) makes it possible to produce them as a finished whole.

Hiroshi Sugihara took the original transmission mechanism – the 3Dimensional Cam – and developed it further so that the robots can move more smoothly. The various walking robots, generated using 3-D CAM as well as AM, emulate the movements of biological organisms in a very impressive way.

Designer: Hiroshi Sugihara
Project director: Shunji Yamanaka
Based on the AM structure research by Keisuke Tanigawa