“SimLinz” is a futuristic prototype of an interactive urban- and geo-information system that—on the basis of Linz—provides interesting and unusual insights into the city and its functions. Exemplary data from the 1950s to the present let users follow Linz’s development over time. “SimLinz“ has been conceived as a walk-through database that utilizes new means of communication to get across complex, interrelated information in an intuitive way. Whether it’s a book or a city map—everything morphs into an interactive surface. Analog and digital elements react to each other—pencil and paper unite with computer and projection.

Herzlichen Dank an die Stadt Linz, Ars Electronica Futurelab, FMM, Land Oberösterreich, Linz AG, Via Donau, ©OpenStreetMap (and) contributors, CC-BY-SA