Is CUBUS Restaurant my only food & beverage option?
Basically, food & beverage service at all events in the Ars Electronica Center is provided by CUBUS Restaurant. In exceptional cases (e.g. if you are already a party to an exclusive catering contract), you are permitted to bring in an outside caterer; however, we are obliged to charge a catering commission of 10% of their fee payable to the City of Linz. Guests are not permitted to bring in their own food or beverages.

Are there sufficient parking places near the Ars Electronica Center?
There are free parking places on the fairgrounds of the Urfahranermarkt provided it’s not being used for another event. Parking garages are located across the street from the Ars Electronica Center in the Neues Rathaus and on Hauptplatz and Grünmarkt, an approximately 5-minute-walk from the AEC. These facilities don’t belong to Ars Electronica and thus can’t be reserved for our guests.

How do I obtain a pricelist?
We would be glad to send you a pricelist via e-mail or by post. Or we’ll give one to you in person when you stop by for a viewing.

Is the Ars Electronica Center barrier-free?
The entire facility is equipped for people with handicaps and thus provides barrier-free access.

Is smoking permitted in the rooms?
All rooms are smoke-free environments. Smoking is only permitted on the façade terrace in CUBUS Restaurant.

Can the façade be used in conjunction with events?
We would be pleased to make the Ars Electronica Center’s LED façade available for events on a restricted basis. A guest’s logo colors can be programmed to appear; however, advertising messages are prohibited.

Can I put up advertising in the museum?
Any temporary constructions put up in conjunction with an event must be approved in advance by Ars Electronica’s event service staff. Other usages must be authorized by the director of the museum.

Do I need to obtain authorization from a government agency?
All of our event spaces with the exception of the Main Deck are generally authorized to serve as event venues. Events to be held on the Main Deck require separate authorization by the City of Linz.

How to get to the Ars Electronica Center

Click here to get directions for taking local public transit, the train or a taxi and coming by car.