Supplementary Program


Supplementary Program

A great ways to enhance your event at the Ars Electronica Center is with an interesting lineup of welcome offerings and entertaining activities. We would be pleased to put together a program of fascinating workshops or special tours custom-tailored to your guests’ interests.

Highlights Tour

Get an overview of the exhibits at the Ars Electronica Center, check out “New Views of Humankind” and survey the various labs in the Main Gallery, take a guided tour of the temporary exhibits currently running, and experience impressive 2-D and 3-D worlds in Ars Electronica’s internationally unique Deep Space.

Focus Tour

If you’re particularly interested in one exhibition theme, then this is for you. Your Focus Tour options are “New Views of Humankind,” “Out of Control – What the Internet Knows about You,” “GeoPulse” or a temporary exhibit. A visit to Deep Space is included.

Deep Space Exclusive

Schedule an exclusive presentation in Deep Space for your staff or clients! Experience a new dimension of travel through space and time. Immerse yourselves in high-definition, three-dimensional realms and marvel at breathtaking, 16×9-meter imagery!

Workshops, Languages, Specials

Upon request, we can also stage special workshops and individualized activities from our diversified array of educational offering for groups visiting the museum. In addition to German and English, our tours can be held in French, Italian or Czech.


Supplementary Program Duration, Participants During Opening Hours After Opening Hours
Highlights Tour + Deep Space 1½ hours; maximum 250 participants (20 participants per group) Admission: € 9,50 per person; 12+ participants: € 7,50 per person

+ tour: up to 12 participants: € 45, jede weitere Person: € 3,50

Eintritt: inkludiert,

Führung: 1. Gruppe: € 590; each additional person: € 390

Focus Tour + Deep Space 1 hour Guided tour through an exhibition area of your choice + Deep Space

Discount: 10% of the price of the Highlights Tour

Deep Space Exclusive 30 minutes; maximum 120 participants € 390/30 minutes, each additional 30 minutes: € 290 € 490/30 minutes, each additional 30 minutes: € 390

Visit after Opening Hours: Offer your guests an extraordinary experience by rounding out your evening event with an exclusive guided tour through the Museum of the Future.

Ars Electronica Solutions

The staff of Ars Electronica Solutions is available to help you plan and execute spectacular, custom-designed events and shows. Smart deployment of innovative technologies like real-time 3-D, augmented reality, virtual environments, music visualizations, ambient design, interface design for product presentations at trade shows, and the Quadcopter Dance Ensemble enables you to host an unforgettable, world-class event.